Finding the Perfect New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Venue

A bar mitzvah is a huge milestone in your child’s life. It’s a celebration that neither you nor they will ever forget as they transition to this new phase of their adult lives. When planning this milestone event, you want to make sure that you select the perfect venue that will provide an impeccable backdrop for the celebration they’ve always dreamed of.

When living in an area like Camden County, New Jersey, the bar mitzvah venue options can quickly become overwhelming. At Marian House, we have over 35 years of experience hosting and planning bar mitzvah celebrations that wow new teens and their families alike.

Finding the Perfect New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Venue
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Here are the tips we’ve gathered over the years for planning an unforgettable bar mitzvah celebration!

Bar Mitzvah Venue Checklist

1) Hotel Availability

This is a big event! Your entire family will want to join in for the bar mitzvah, coming from near or far. Those that live close to Marian House may even want to make a little staycation out of it, especially if you provide transportation.

This means you’ll want to search for venues that have a variety of hotel options. Marian House has over 20 hotels within a 5-mile radius of the event space. From small boutique properties to standard limited-service hotels, there is a variety that will suit every guest!

2) Airbnb Options

You’re likely going to have families that want to stay all together—and potentially even a couple families that would prefer the comfort of a home versus a hotel room. There are a lot of short-term home rental options these days through sites like Airbnb. You can explore tons of options in the Cherry Hill area that are located within close proximity to Marian House!

3) Flexible Floor Plans 

When planning a bar mitzvah, you want to find a venue that allows you to create an evening that fits your 13-year-old’s personality, their desired theme, as well as that has enough space for all the traditional festivities. If you find a ballroom-style venue, you’ll have more flexibility with a blank canvas.

It is likely that your teen has dreamed up the perfect theme for their big day. A blank canvas-style venue is critical to make sure that you can set up and arrange the room in a way that can accommodate all the pieces that go into the theme of the day. Carnival theme? You want to have room for seating and games. Hawaiian luau? Make sure the ceilings are high enough for some faux palm trees spread throughout the space.

4) Creative/Socially Distanced Seating Options

In addition to the flexibility to accommodate themes, you may want to think about the type of seating available. Do they have more than just round tables available? If it’s a Harry Potter theme, you’ll need long rectangular tables like the Great Hall at Hogwarts, of course! You want to make sure the venue can accommodate such requests.

In today’s world of events, you may also want to provide socially distant seating arrangements, so make sure there is enough space to host families at different tables.

P.S. Marian Hall can!

Finding the Perfect New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Venue
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Questions to Ask Your Bar Mitzvah Venue

When searching for the right bar mitzvah venue, in order to find the perfect fit, you need to be asking all the questions! If this is your first child and you’ve never planned a bar mitzvah before, you’ll quickly learn just how many details are involved in planning a fun and interactive yet elegant event that appeals to all ages.

What is the cost for the space? Does it include tables, chairs, etc.?

While some venues include things like upgraded linens and materials for the bar, some do not provide any of that and will charge a site rental fee in addition to rental fees for event equipment. In that scenario, costs can add up quickly.

At Marian House, all packages include all linens (in a variety of colors!), napkins, bar setups & insurance, a skilled event manager, a private food tasting and much more.

How many guests does the venue accommodate?

Bar mitzvahs can be big celebrations! You’ll want to ensure that the venues you’re looking at can accommodate the number of guests you’re looking to host.

Do you offer kosher catering options?

When planning a bar mitzvah, kosher catering options are critical! You want to ensure that they can provide Challah bread for the Motzi, that they fully understand the restrictions on seafood and pork and serve only kosher meats, and that dinner doesn’t include meat and dairy together. There are a lot of considerations, and you want to ensure that they’re capable.

You also want to make sure that the caterer has experience with the venue. The last thing you want is a new caterer coming in to serve a kosher feast at a venue they’ve never worked before. The preferred caterer at Marian House is Sensational Hosts. The chef is a James Beard winner and leads a skilled team that crafts incredible custom menus that meet your requests!

P.S. Don’t forget a signature mocktail created for the guest of honor!

Are the ceilings high enough for dancing the hora?

While this question may seem silly, it’s so important! You want to make sure that your child gets the full bar mitzvah experience, and the hora dance is a part of the tradition. It’s another way to celebrate them and make them feel honored during their special day.

Dancing the Hora at New Jersey Bar Mitzvah
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Do you have preferred vendors you can share with us that are familiar with working bar mitzvahs at Marian House?

You want to make sure that the staff at the venue you select are briefed on Jewish traditions and the events that will transpire during a bar mitzvah. By using preferred vendors the venue has worked with on bar mitzvahs before, you know that your child’s bar mitzvah isn’t their first rodeo.

Can we bring in our own décor and entertainment? Are there any restrictions on décor?

Décor is a huge way you can transform a venue into the setting of your teen’s dreams. Whether they want an arcade or Jersey boardwalk-style setup or a model-inspired event with a full runway setup for photo ops, you want to make sure that what your teen wants can be brought in. Even better if they have preferred vendors that can assist!

Will there be any other events here at the same time as the bar mitzvah?

You want your teen to feel special! It’s a good idea to choose a venue that only hosts one event a day to add to the exclusive feel for the guest of honor.

Are all your costs included in the contract? Are there any additional fees?

Sometimes additional fees can be a bit hidden in the contract. Make sure you’re made aware of service fees, setup and breakdown fees, etc. before signing so you have a full idea of what you’re paying for.

Is there a planner that will be there during the event to make sure everything is running smoothly?

You want to be able to enjoy the celebration rather than worry about logistics all night long. It’s good to have an on-site coordinator, whether the venue provides one or you hire one, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy celebrating your teenager.

Marian House Is Your Perfect New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Venue
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Marian House Is Your Perfect New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Venue

Marian House has hosted bar and bat mitzvahs for over 30 years. Our skilled team is knowledgeable about the Jewish traditions that are critical to the success of a bar mitzvah celebration and have executed hundreds of flawless celebrations!

Some features of hosting a mitzvah at Marian House include:

  • Capacity of 300 guests
  • Tables, chairs and over 50 colors of linens included to fit the theme
  • Skilled event professionals with experience executing large events
  • Only one event hosted at a time
  • Preferred vendors that will bring the party and all the fun for teens
  • Culinary team with over 50 years of experience and preferred caterers that can craft incredible menu options customized to fit the theme and dietary requirements
  • A huge dance floor for friends and family to break a move and dance the hora
    Adequate on-site parking
  • Private dressing room that can be used as a VIP area for your teen
  • And so much more!

We know that once you walk in the door, you’ll be able to envision your teen’s big event with us. Get in touch today to schedule a tour for you and your family. We can’t wait to welcome you to Marian House!

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